We do not need to spend much time on the Lifestyle group of weight loss methods. This group includes the various diet and exercise programs. It includes the commercial weight loss groups that tell you what to eat and what exercise to do. They may even provide you with the food they want you to eat. It includes the drug treatments available. These come and go and those that are currently available have only modest effectiveness. We also include the health professionals who offer advice, including dietitians, psychologists and medical practitioners.

Essentially all who come to see us at CBS have already been there and done that and still have a problem with their weight.  So it hasn’t worked for them and yet often that series of failed weight loss efforts has come at a substantial cost.

The non-surgical programs rarely work for anyone. The medical literature records numerous careful studies testing these programs and none has ever been shown to lead to substantial and durable weight loss. There have been literally hundreds of such weight loss programs. They come to you with promises and they leave you with disappointment.  One day there may be a non-surgical option that controls your appetite effectively and permanently. That is what is needed but that day is probably a long way off.